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Analysis for Office: Saving empty values in input-ready query.

When saving empty planning data in Analysis for Office, the user is expecting to save the value "0" (zero). Analysis for Office is not saving the empty cell and the old value is being retrieved. Here is what you need to do...

DAHLBEER · Thursday, November 8, 2018

Saving empty values in input-ready query

When saving an empty cell in Analysis for Office (AfO), planning application user expects zero “0” value to be saved. However, under certain conditions, AfO is returning an old value when saving or recalculating. What can we avoid that?

Came out, that this is the default behavior for AfO versions from 2.3 SP2 and higher. For earlier versions, AfO will save zero “0” against empty planning data. 

For versions until 2.4 this behavior is maintained in the file system of the client PC by setting a tag SetEmptiedDoubleDataCellsToValue0. This tag is stored in file %PROGRAMDATA%\Sap\Cof\Ao_app.config. 


How the setting is defined What is the behavior
<SetEmptiedDoubleDataCellsToValue0 /> 
<SetEmptiedDoubleDataCellsToValue0 value="False" />            
Empty cells are not saved as 0 (zero). The old value remains.
<SetEmptiedDoubleDataCellsToValue0 value="True" /> Empty cells are saved as 0 (zero).


For versions of AfO starting from 2.5 and newer this setting can be also maintained directly in AfO’s Technical Configuration dialog menu.

Where can I find my AfO version?

You can find the AfO version in the main menu of AO for Excel: Left-upper corner - „Data“ – „Analysis“ – „About Analysis“ 

The two short videos below will guide you through the process! 




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